Telstra’s new marketplace is now open for business – connecting its four million Telstra Plus members to small businesses around the country.

Telstra Plus Market is the first Australian telco marketplace designed to give small and medium businesses a way to reach more customers and grow their business whilst also offering Telstra Plus members the opportunity to earn rewards points when purchasing through the platform.

Telstra group executive for consumer and small business, Michael Ackland said Telstra Plus Market would reward Telstra Plus customers for shopping with their local small businesses and help eligible businesses tap into new markets.

“Whether it’s your local florist, bookseller, café, bicycle repair store or greengrocer, we want to make it even more rewarding for Telstra customers to support them. Telstra Plus Market is an exciting way to help small businesses tap into a wider pool of potential customers, and the rewards points that Telstra Plus members earn for supporting local businesses can then be redeemed towards a range of tech and services in our Telstra Plus Rewards store,” he said.

Available exclusively to registered Telstra Plus members, the app allows small businesses to create offers tailored and targeted to the Telstra Plus Market customers’ selected preferences, such as location. Upon offer redemption, members will access a new way to earn Telstra Plus points.

“It’s been a tough few years for Australian small business, and we know our Telstra Plus members are keen to show their support. That’s why we want to make it even more rewarding to support businesses across the country, while making every dollar spent go further through our Telstra Plus rewards program,” Ackland said.

“Any of our Telstra customers are eligible to become Telstra Plus members. Once they are signed up to the program, they can earn points for shopping with participating businesses in Telstra Plus Market.”