Global camera company, Snap has released the 2022 edition of its Gen Z report in partnership with Crowd DNA, shedding light on generation specific emerging audience behaviours, trends and their impact on society.

In its second edition, the report highlights the digitally native Snapchat Generation, worth a whopping $95 billion in Australia, is expecting more from brands, technology and themselves post-pandemic. The research uncovers what’s at the heart of the Snapchat Generation and their attitude towards culture, brands, technology and community. 

1. Visual communication

Gen Z is expressing themselves in more creative and immersive ways to deepen connections with others. The report found the majority (89%) of Gen Z have used some form of visual communication when messaging friends. As the real-life and digital worlds continue to coalesce, communicating visually through the camera lies at the heart of Gen Z and the way they communicate.

2. Brand connection

Gen Z is craving connection from not only their peers, but also the brands they love. Almost half (43%) of Gen Z feel it’s more important for brands to build connections with them post-pandemic. Over half (54%) say using AR lenses/filters helps them feel more connected to brands. The research suggests brands who can create a personal connection online are those who will win.

3. AR shopping

Gen Z is trailblazing when it comes to using AR for shopping, and this trend will continue post-pandemic. The findings reveal 88% of Gen Z are interested in using AR to shop, and 79% are interested in using AR to try on makeup and clothes. Gen Z is driving a shift toward more immersive and social shopping experiences made possible by AR, and nearly two thirds (59%) say AR is going to make life easier.

4. Positivity reins supreme 

Gen Z is actively seeking out and building positive spaces to escape from the pressures of expectation. In fact, two thirds (64%) say they focus on using apps that feel like positive environments. Brands should focus on how to complement the spaces Gen Z are creating spaces of positivity and individuality.

Snap general manager for Asia Pacific, Kathryn Carter said, “Gen Z is an interesting and evolving cohort, with distinct characteristics and the ability to influence how we communicate, connect, and consume. A digitally native generation, the camera is an extremely important tool for Gen Z to express their identity, shop, and build connections with friends as well as with brands and the rest of the world. 

“The Australian Snapchat Generation is a growing force to be reckoned with and we are confident that brands will see an opportunity in investing in this community, and forging connections with them. By embracing less formal communication, exploring different identities, and putting the camera first, brands can empower playful expression and connect with this increasingly powerful generation.”