Ikea Harbour Home


In a world first, two Australians recently got the opportunity to call Sydney Harbour home for two days by moving into the Ikea Harbour Home.

On 20 and 21 October, Ikea Australia took over iconic Sydney ferry Sirius and transformed it into a home away from home. The lucky couple, Max and Neece, also had the opportunity to explore their new neighbourhood with a bespoke ferry route seeing some of the most iconic locations in Sydney Harbour.

“I couldn’t wait to move into the Ikea Harbour Home,” said Max. “The Ikea interior design team scoped out my house prior to moving in and found items that truly make my home mine. They created a spectacular home and it was incredible to wake up to the amazing view of Sydney Harbour.”

The idea was born out of the results of an Ikea Life at Home report, which found that one in three people believe the concept of home goes beyond four walls and that 36 per cent say the surrounding neighbourhood is an extension of their home.

Ikea Harbour Home


Country interior design manager Ikea Australia, Tiffany Buckins, said she was excited to bring this research to life and show how the definition of home is changing and becoming more fluid.

“I love that people are taking a more complete view of the home and welcoming the wider community into their perception of the home,” she explained.

“When we think of the space at home, it is easy to just think of it as a physical area where we keep our things and go about our daily activities. In other words: four walls and a roof. While home is a personal haven where we can recline, reconnect and revitalise after a long day, the research reveals home is more than a physical and functional structure―it’s a holistic experience.”

The Harbour Home features sleeping, dining, living and outdoor areas, effectively blurring the lines between home and other places that are increasingly seen as an extension of home.

“While most homes have been designed to be functional, the research found that for a space to really feel like home, a fourth dimension needs to come into play: our senses. Taste, sight, smell and sound are all important building blocks in how we experience our surroundings and have helped break down the concept of the four walls. We hope to bring this to life in our Ikea Harbour Home,” added Buckins.

This story originally appeared on Giftguide Online.