Bedroom retail specialist Forty Winks has launched a new brand campaign with a new positioning, urging Australians to ‘Wake Up Wonderful’.

The next phase of the brand’s evolution puts an emphasis on the fact that when you go to sleep on a quality mattress, you don’t just have a good night’s sleep, you have a good morning.

Andrew Foote, founding partner and executive creative director of AJF Partnership says the consumer-centric campaign focuses on the restorative and rejuvenating power of sleep.

“The new brand campaign isn’t just about selling a bed, it’s about celebrating the benefits of sleeping on the right mattress to make every day count,” he explains. “By putting the consumer at the heart of our strategy we were able to reframe Forty Winks from not only being a seller of quality mattresses but also a seller of quality sleep."

Con Dekazos, CEO at Forty Winks says the new direction is reflective of the business’ objective to help customers get the most out of their sleep.

“Insights from consumer research conducted tell us that people want to get the most out of every day,” he says. “They want to feel rested, energised, positive and productive. They need a good night’s sleep to make that happen and they need the right mattress to facilitate that. We have harnessed these consumer insights to drive a campaign with the consumers’ needs at its core.”

The multi-faceted brand campaign will be brought to life across multiple platforms and channels, including TV, print, digital, broadcast and outdoor.

Founded in 1984, Forty Winks has redefined the bedding landscape to grow into the respected Australian icon it is today, offering a large range of mattresses, beds, bedding, bedroom furniture, children's furniture and bedroom accessories across its 92 stores nationwide.