Global companies that need to train employees or sell to consumers in China have long been hindered by restrictions placed on video, including video loading or analytics failures, or even being blacklisted for lack of an in-country domain and license.

Global leader in video for business, Brightcove has partnered with global e-commerce giant Alibaba, to create Brightcove China Delivery via Alibaba Cloud solution, making Brightcove the first video provider to enable on-demand video streaming into the country.

Brightcove China Delivery via Alibaba Cloud enables customers to execute a single video distribution strategy worldwide. As they do for other countries, Brightcove content owners can use a simple checkbox interface to start distributing video in China and analyse performance.

Brightcove chief product officer, Namita Dhallan said, “We’re pleased to finally enable customers to stream video within China. No longer is there a separate, complex, and disappointing process for attempting video-driven business in China. We are opening the country for business for our customers securely and reliably.”

Aragon Research CEO and lead analyst, Jim Lundy added, “As retailers and enterprises with global reach continue to expand and evolve, many must effectively conduct business in China, and a large portion of that business today depends on video. Brightcove is meeting the need for reliable delivery of video on a truly global basis, a growing need for multinational entities and global brands.”