Zeller has partnered with leading global software provider, Oracle, to double down on its support of the Australian hospitality sector. Businesses can now integrate Zeller Terminal with Oracle Simphony point-of-sale (POS), enhancing the payment and checkout experience, while simplifying end-of-day reconciliation for large-scale venues and multi-location QSRs.

The integration with Oracle Simphony POS is the first of its kind by an Australian fintech. Until now, Oracle offered a limited number of integrated payment solutions from global providers, with users citing lack of local support, expensive transaction fees and monthly charges.

Zeller’s flat-rate pricing model and industry-leading terminal hardware offers customers an integrated payment solution already trusted by over 60,000 Australian businesses. 

Users can set up the integration in seconds from their Zeller Terminal or deploy across a fleet of terminals from Zeller Dashboard with no technical support required. Oracle Simphony POS users enjoy the full benefit of all Zeller Terminal functionality, including digital receipts, tipping, split payments, and more. 

Refunds triggered from Oracle Simphony POS are automatically processed on a Zeller Terminal without the customer having to re-enter their card. Transaction reporting between Zeller and Oracle is fully synchronised.

Zeller director of growth, Josh McNicol said, “We are committed to continually delivering enhanced functionality and integrated payment solutions for busy food and beverage operators. Zeller’s new partnership with Oracle — the first of its kind by an Australian fintech — enables us to better service larger businesses across the QSR and hospitality sectors, with a more affordable offering.”