eBay has projected double-digit annual revenue and earnings growth over the next three years for its global PayPal and eBay Marketplaces businesses. 

In a company-held meeting for the financial community, eBay said it expects its revenue to reach at least $13 billion in 2013 compared to approximately $9 billion in 2010.

“New rules of retail are being written today,” John Danohoe, eBay president and CEO, said.

The company said it intends to accelerate innovation in emerging mobile, local, social and digital commerce trends.

“Online and offline commerce are changing and converging, and technology is dramatically influencing how consumers connect, shop and pay,” Danohoe said.

“We are at the forefront of shopping innovation. We believe we have core businesses, platforms and assets that strongly position us to compete, win and lead on a global scale. We are confident that we will lead the next generation of commerce.”

The company also plans to use its global commerce and payments capabilities to create an open commerce platform to help merchants in a “new retail” environment, which combines online and offline shopping.