Wavelink and Honeywell are collaborating on a solution where Wavelink support for Honeywell’s Android-based mobile devices will enable the two companies to support organisations looking to modernise their operations.
The cost and complexity today of rolling out new devices at the same time as undertaking significant work on back-end systems is daunting for most retailers and logistics companies. Such major shifts can cause disruption to supply chains and result in an inability to meet customer needs. Rather than embarking on such broad-scale changes, many retailers and logistics firms are leaving their back-end systems in place and looking for a solution to enhance the user experience on their mobile devices.
As well as improving the service experience for customers, modernising existing systems on Honeywell Android-enabled devices provided to retail associates enables other significant benefits. An intuitive touch based interface significantly reduces training time, allowing new staff to become productive much more quickly. This can be particularly important during peak shopping periods when large numbers of casual staff need to be brought up to speed as swiftly as possible.
At the same time, IT teams no longer have to worry about making complex, expensive, and time-consuming changes to back-end systems. All devices are provided with the same data as they have always been with changes only taking place within the mobile application interface itself. This allows a single management platform to be used to control devices across all locations, reducing the load on IT staff. Overall, application and management silos can be reduced, further removing complexity and expense for the retailer.
“By partnering with Honeywell we are adding a new touch-based application interface. Information can be displayed and commands entered in an intuitive manner,” says Simon Storey, country manager Australia and New Zealand, Wavelink. 
“Users no longer have to deal with complex green screen applications or understand strange abbreviations. Instead, they can interact with their device in the same way as they do with their personal smartphone or tablet.
“Our partnership with Honeywell also gives retailers and logistics companies a choice to modernise their business applications while retaining their investment in existing systems. Retailers will be able to improve their service levels and maximise their chances of securing long-term revenue growth.”
With the modern supply chain and retail workforce being predominantly mobile, the user experience of the mobile devices is what makes the difference between an efficient and inefficient team, adds Tony Repaci, Country Manager, Honeywell SPS Australia and New Zealand.
“This Wavelink and Honeywell collaboration delivers a smart solution that ensures each worker reaches their fullest potential in today’s mobile world.”