Sunny Queen Farms has launched Australia's first augmented reality collectible cards which are expected to not only put the fun back into buying eggs but to also launch a brand new collecting craze for families across Australia.
Adopting the latest animation technology, Sunny Queen's new range of limited edition collectible cards has just launched in supermarkets Australia wide this month (May 2015). Featuring a range of fun egg characters in limited edition egg boxes the Colleggtible Cards will literally come to life on your smartphone and are expected to be the next big thing for families nationwide.

Whilst the technology itself is not new, it is the first time augmented reality has been used for consumer goods in Australia which is why Sunny Queen is expecting its unique range of cards to become the next big thing.

"We wanted to do something special," explained General Manager of Marketing & Innovation Julie Proctor. "We have gone to great lengths to ensure these are no ordinary collectible cards. The characters literally come to life through specialised animation techniques which will make collecting these cards and eating eggs particularly fun for families in Australia."

Working closely with Brisbane advertising agency BCM, Sunny Queen employed Blippar TM, the world's fastest growing image recognition and augmented reality app, to bring its collectible cards to life and turn them into something unique.

"We knew we had to come up with something special for today's digitally minded audiences," said BCM Managing Director Paul Cornwell. " Every kid has a smartphone these days so to be able to not only collect these fun cards but be able to animate them we knew had to be a winner."

Featuring 30 characters, 10 of which will have the ability to come to life on your smartphone once activated on the Blippar app, the cards will be available for a limited time only throughout Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, from May.

With characters including Roger Hardshell the footy star, Stacey Yolks the cheerleader and Micky Eggbeater the rock star, each card will feature entertaining stories and educational information, whilst some will be extremely rare and hard to find making them highly sought after and tradeable.

"Certainly we think kids will have fun trying to collect the whole series and we hope this will spark a new trading trend across schools in Australia," explained Ms Proctor. "Together with the augmented reality cards we will also release a very rare Gold series which we anticipate will be very valuable to the serious collector."

This is not the first time Sunny Queen has run a series of collectible items. Indeed to mark the original collectible sticker series that also featured a range of egg characters and was incredibly successful when it ran 45 years ago there will be a special 1970's edition of the latest collectible cards.

"Yes, there are still people that have the original collections and follow the characters to this day," said Ms Proctor. "The series was revolutionary then, and we hope this new launch will be equally special for the community."

The cards will be available across a wide range of Sunny Queen egg packs, across both the 12 and 18 size packs, with two cards in the 18 pack cartons.

The cards will feature on their own special web page and on Facebook