Shop A Docket has re-established its partnership with Woolworths and Big W.

The company will be the sole provider of all docket receipt rolls that will be distributed at the point-of-sale in all 2,300 Woolworths and Big W stores across the country, increasing the number of distribution outlets by over 70 per cent.

This means Shop A Docket will now distribute 31 million ads per day. It already reaches 83 per cent of Australian household shoppers. The engagement with Woolworths and Big W will see this reach grow by a further 10 per cent providing advertisers the ability to reach a staggering 93 per cen of Australian Households in any given week, according to research conducted by Brandleaders Survey in February.

Simon McCord, CEO of Shop A Docket said: “We feel privileged for the opportunity to work with Woolworths once again. We are now in a position where we provide printed docket rolls to all the leading supermarket retailers in Australia. Our existing clients have welcomed the partnership and the deal is already showing strong acceptance from businesses wishing to leverage the channel.”

Shop A Docket’s expansive reach will provide local businesses and brands the means to deliver their special offers straight into the hands of targeted consumers in all communities. The move also increases its effectiveness as a prominent influencer of consumer purchasing decisions.

This announcement marks Shop A Docket’s 25th year in operation.