Moreton Bay Regional Council has contracted with Link Security Group to deploy an extensive wireless IP video surveillance network to areas proposed by the Queensland Police, encompassing some retail areas.

Using funds from the federal government’s Safer Cities project, the system integrates wireless infrastructure mesh from Firetide, network cameras from Axis Communications and video management software from Milestone Systems.

According to Lind Security Group, extended coverage area and stringent performance specifications were the major factors in selecting wireless product for this project.

“Firetide clearly has the best in class hardware for the project of this size. The security and reliability of communications were critical, and performance we’ve seen in the field is impressive,” Alex Baulden, Lind Security Group, said.

Link Security Group has also designed a wireless high-bandwidth video solution that would not be affected by weather conditions, rust, corrosion or vandalism.  It chose Axis Communications rugged outdoors cameras for the installation, including pan-tilt-zoom Q6032-E cameras for its optics package, and fixed HDTV P1344 cameras for the ability to transmit video at 30 frames per second in HD resolution.

The network is currently ahead of the project delivery schedule, and Link intends to transfer system ownership to the council within months.