Pet supplies retailer City Farmers has partnered with Revionics for its SaaS-based pricing and promotion solutions to improve customer satisfaction and grow profits.

As part of the partnership, the large format retailer has installed the Revionics life cycle price optimisation and promotion optimisiation solutions.

Clayton Hollingsworth, City Farmers CEO, said partnering with Revionics was an easy decision.

“As a data-driven company we needed a more fact and science-based approach to our pricing and promotion strategies that would create a stronger value proposition for our customers, “he said.

“Furthermore, we were impressed with how the Revionics’ platform is a ‘dynamic learner’ and are essentially the brains of the operation – the more data you throw at it, the smarter it becomes.”

The system has been installed company-wide and will allow them to obtain results such as an improved value proposition for its customers whilst at the same time ensuring profits remained robust.

“Our SaaS-based platform was instep with City Farmers’ preference to have a data-driven and science-based system that offers a quick implementation and is easy and cost-effective to manage. We are excited to be part of their team that will help improve value for their customers and drive higher earnings,” Marc Hafner, Revionics President and CEO, said.