Sony Australia is urging the retail sector to get serious about security, with new industry trends towards high definition (HD) video security monitoring highlighting the need for retailers to review their security set-up for the protection of staff and the public.
HD is poised to invigorate the security market as the technology provides a robust and reliable system that can withstand difficult monitoring conditions, providing a high quality image regardless of intermittent light or weather conditions, ensuring that no matter what time of day or where the system is placed, offenders will be seen, recorded and deterred.
“Monitoring in HD has a number of tangible security benefits and we’re increasingly seeing a need for a greater level of monitoring in retail environments to keep people and property safe,” said Tony Lagan, video security product manager, Sony Australia.
“Whether it’s in and around shopping centres or department stores, in car parks or small convenience stores, high quality surveillance in HD is the single best safeguarding solution available.”
Additionally, HD excels at capturing fast moving objects for playback at a later time – this feature can prove especially practical when trying to track thieves or getaway vehicles used in the commission of a crime.
The level of detail delivered by HD technology means that zooming in on minute details, such as number plates, markings on vehicles, clothing and even an offender’s face, further strengthens the case for adopting these high quality surveillance systems across Australian retail environments.
These features are complemented by a 16:9 format, which means that the camera records less of the ground and sky, focusing on where action is traditionally happening in the middle of the frame. This reduces the amount of data transmitted back to a recording device, thus increasing the overall efficiency of a HD system in any condition without sacrificing image quality and the security of premises or people.