With the trend towards open plan, minimalist shop fitouts continuing, retailers are being urged to consider their security requirements before finalising their chosen design.
According to electronic security specialists ADT Security, demand for concealed electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems is on the rise, however, the initial enquiry often follows completion of the shop fitout, which can pose installation challenges.
“Off the back of the last year’s economic downturn when retailers all but abandoned investment in store aesthetics, we are now seeing an increase in enquiries for concealed EAS systems as retailers look to improve the experience they offer shoppers,” says Phil Brown, national retail manager at ADT Security Australia.
“A concealed Sensormatic EAS system, matched with low profile anti-theft tags and labels, enables retailers to display merchandise openly in a style which is visually appealing and in keeping with the latest trends, while still ensuring its protection against theft.
“It’s a highly attractive solution as it does away with obtrusive pedestals at a store’s entrance. However, the system can’t always be completely concealed if the shop fitout has already been completed so it pays to incorporate your security requirements into the planning stage,” he says.
There are many advantages to be gained from installing a concealed system, also commonly known as a loop system, during the shopfit planning and construction stages.
“By installing the concealed system prior to the shop fitout we are able to add components that will help maximise the retailer’s benefits from the system. For example, ADT Security can install specialised tiles in the floors and walls which maximise the height and width of the detection range. These tiles can be glued or placed in a tray prior to the initial coating of the floor. Our team then positions the cables on top of the tiles awaiting completion of the floor coverings.”
Disruption to business can also be minimised.
“While we can install a concealed system outside of normal business hours, installation during the shop fitout ensures any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.”