The recently released 2010 Australian Web Analytics Report conducted by Bienalto shows a sharp increase in local businesses engaging web analytics companies to boost sales and conversion, with Coremetrics recording the strongest rise amongst its paid service peers. The company jumped from seventh to the fourth most implemented web analytics solution in the country.
Kevin Mackin, Coremetrics’ general manager for ANZ, said he was pleased with the results.
“We are thrilled to see such a noteworthy increase in the uptake of Coremetrics, and web analytics generally, in the past 12 months,” he said.
“It’s a clear indication that Australian businesses have a growing interest in utilising the web to increase sales. And whilst a free service may prove useful in the beginning, it seems many companies are adopting paid tools so they can extract more intelligent, in-depth data that they can own and trust, and therefore make more powerful marketing decisions.”
In response to direct customer feedback, Coremetrics recently launched Coremetrics for Mobile, a free application available at the iPhone App Store, which provides access to real-time analytics information on the run, whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android device.
“Marketers are under tremendous pressure to understand what works and make quick adjustments to optimise the return on marketing dollars spent. To be successful, they need to revise and interpret data at any given time. With our app for iPhone, executives can make quick, on-the-spot adjustments no matter where they are, which means marketing dollars are going to be driven further and produce greater results,” explained Mackin.
Available for free at the iTunes store, Coremetrics for Mobile features include easy access, real-time site analysis, real-time competitive intelligence, trend analysis, funnel analysis, and iPad and mobile sales metrics.