WORX Power Tools has launched a new store-in-store service (SIS) throughout Australia to help it standout from competitors.

Participating stores have been knitted out with a new point of sale displays incorporating tablet that will allow the customer to see the six most popular WORX products in action on the screen, while holding the tool in their hands.

The new in-store technology will allow consumers to gain a better understanding of how WORX tools operate, and how that can be applied in the home or garden. SIS offers a hands-on approach, which has instilled a huge amount of confidence in retailers and in-turn, WORX customers globally.

The new system will also enable customers to view the most popular accessories for each WORX product on the SIS. This helps people make a more educated decision about their purchases, and to understand the function of products in conjunction with their accessories.

WORX national marketing manager Graeme Mather said the new SIS system will revolutionise how customers approach the retail experience.

“We are so excited about the new SIS system. At WORX we are proud of the reputation we have earned as innovators in our industry, and SIS is another firm step in that direction” he said.

The SIS system has seen up to a 70 per cent increase in participating retailers across Europe, and it is anticipated that similar results will follow in Australia.