Amcor recently launched a new initiative in Australian retail packaging called Retail 2010 – Packaging the Future.

Retail 2010 is essentially a physical and virtual tour of a simulated retail supply chain from the perspective of a package – from design through to manufacturing, distribution, shelf replenishment and sale. It enables you to create integrated packaging solutions including packaging design and development, retail ready packaging, point-of-sale (POS) displays and RFID.
Retail 2010 is based at Amcor’s research and technology centre in Alphington, Melbourne where it makes use of the company’s packaging design and testing services including virtual computer simulations, primary and secondary packaging prototyping, forensic laboratory testing and transport simulation. In addition, Amcor has recently purpose-built a scaled-down physical retail environment including back-of-store, a mini-supermarket and POS check-out portal.

By demonstrating the latest in retail solutions, Retail 2010 stimulates communication between Amcor, its customers and other members of the retail supply chain to facilitate the development of practical solutions to meet changing retail packaging requirements.

The guided tour takes less than three hours and is divided into four key elements, each held in different locations:
• Packaging design and development – involving a visit to Amcor’s central design department where new packaging designs are developed and prototyped.
• Package and product manufacturing – consisting of a number of virtual simulations of various packaging and filling operations.
• Distribution and supply chain – incorporating an RFID and mobile-media demonstration held in a life-size physical replica of a real retail back-of-store area.
• In-store shelf replenishment and POS – involving a walk through Amcor’s purpose-built retail store environment including shelving for dry goods, cold chain, fresh produce and ambient and cold beverages as well as an RFID check-out portal.