Symantec has introduced Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery, which incorporates functionality from Symantec LiveState Recovery with new, simplified deployment, delivering comprehensive, disk-based Windows system protection.

As a stand alone solution, Backup Exec System Recovery complements Backup Exec for Windows Servers, which is optimised for data protection.

Organisations can minimise downtime by rapidly recovering entire systems, even to dissimilar hardware platforms and virtual environments.

When IT disaster strikes, businesses can quickly restore failed systems in minutes to a specified point-in-time without taking hours or days to manually rebuild and restore systems. Organisations can
also remotely restore unattended servers in distributed locations from a Windows desktop, laptop, or even a Pocket PC with remote access and management capabilities.

"Small and mid-sized organisations are looking for server recovery solutions that are both cost-effective and easy-to-use," said Brian Babineau, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.

"The inclusion of hardware-independent restore, lights out system recovery, and flexible deployment capabilities in a single solution represents a highly usable system protection tool for these businesses."

Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery reduces recovery time and saves significant hardware investment: it breaks the barrier of having to recover systems to the identical hardware platform where recovery points were created and eliminates the high costs of having to maintain duplicate hardware solely for the purposes of system recovery in the
event of an emergency.

Users with older hardware environments that fail or need to be replaced can restore their systems to newer and more updated systems or even virtual servers without the need to reinstall and reconfigure operating systems, device drivers, applications and system settings. The ability to recover Windows systems to dissimilar hardware meets a long outstanding need from businesses and IT Administrators.

Flexibility is also enhanced by allowing administrators to perform system restorations even if there is no hardware available by restoring recovery points to virtual environments in VMware (P2V). When new hardware is available, or existing hardware is repaired, the servers can easily be restored from a virtual machine back to a physical machine without impacting business continuity (V2P).

Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery delivers the previous LiveState Recovery 6.0 client functionality, and now includes all the features and benefits of the former LiveState Recovery Restore Anyware and LightsOut Restore Options, at an attractive, competitive price.

The new one-to-one distribution capabilities will simplify the overall deployment of the solution. This is complementary to the Backup Exec family of products and other data protection or backup solutions.