H&C has been appointed distributor for Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) in Australia and New Zealand.
Electronic shelf labels (ESL) replace the paper labels used by retailers to display prices at shelf edge. Based in Sweden and with 60 per cent global market share, Pricer has installed over 70 million labels in more than 3500 stores, with over a million new labels installed each month.

The introduction of Pricer into Australia coincides with the upcoming ‘unit pricing’ legislation, which is fast becoming another economic driver of ESL into Australian retail.
The Pricer solution integrates innovative DotMatrix labels with traditional segment based labels, providing a true electronic price label solution. There is also a shopping trolley signage solution being trialled by Carrefour France.

Pricer’s proprietary infra-red solution is able to change 200,000 price labels per hour and its two-way communication link ensures there are no price discrepancies, eliminating the need for shelf validation tasks. Thelabels have a battery life of more than eight years.
H&C has appointed Lawrence Pelletier, a specialist in ESL, to manage the distributorship of the Pricer labels in Australia and New Zealand.