With retail theft at an all-time high, a leading grocery retailer is installing new anti-theft protection at its 3000 kiosks, supermarkets and hypermarkets.
Norwegian retailer NorgesGruppent is working with ADT Security to deploy Sensormatic Ultra·Max acousto-magnetic (AM) anti-theft protection, replacing radio frequency (RF) systems currently installed at store locations throughout the country. In addition, ADT Security will provide NorgesGruppen with remote real-time monitoring and service of networked Sensormatic systems.
During a three-month trial period, the AM system detection rate was almost 99 per cent and triggered no false alarms. 
“Anti-theft detection solutions have proven to be an efficient measure against theft, and with AM technology the solutions have become even more reliable,” said purchasing manager at NorgesGruppen, Finn Arild Bråthen.
“We believe our new solution will contribute to a further reduction in theft.”
Independent research previously found that AM systems have superior detection rates compared to RF in protecting all types of products, including metal-based or metal-packaged goods. AM technology can also detect security tags on goods in metal shopping carts.
NorgesGruppen will also deploy a real-time remote monitoring centre that combines the Sensormatic Local Device Manager EAS network solution and a Sensormatic SmartEAS real-time intelligence solution as well as integrate Sensormatic scanner deactivation to provide faster point-of-sale throughput for seamless customer checkout and implement a Sensormatic AM source-tagging program.
Mark Norton, managing director of ADT Security Australia believes the technology will help the grocery retailer to reduce theft.
“Coupled with Sensormatic AM source tagging and remote monitoring, NorgesGruppen has moved to cut theft, improve customer service and, ultimately, increase its profitability.”