Lumson, a world leader in cosmetics packaging, is introducing its world-first Airless Bottle Technology to Australia and New Zealand through Sydney cosmetics manufacturer Trulux.

The Lumson APP (Airless Plastic Packaging) and TAG (Techno Airless Glass) systems are the
first of their kind – featuring internal pouch systems that prevent air from getting in.

APP is the perfect delivery system for skin care formulas or liquid foundations and primers.

The APP family consists of:

– APP 355: a plastic bottle with the classic shape
– APP S: a slender plastic bottle, available in 3 sizes (15, 30 & 50ml)
– APP P-COLORS: the APP version with a coloured pouch
– APP TOUCH: the only Plastic Airless Packaging in PE Soft Touch
– APP START: the basic version, available for all needs and suitable for all budgets

Benefits of TAG & APP
Eco-Friendly: Once the TAG bottle is empty, the top can be unscrewed so that the glass and plastic components can be recycled.
Elegant: TAG combines the beauty of glass with the practicality of an airless dispensing system – the only one in the world.
Airless: The APP and TAG systems protect their contents from air exposure, extending the lifespan of the product.
Tamper-Proof: These bottles are tamper-proof; an important safety feature.
Easy to Fill: Both the APP and TAG systems can be filled easily from the top of the bottle.
Minimal Product Wastage: The specially-designed pump ensures that more than 95% of the product will be completely dispensed.
Highly Customisable: The Lumson airless packaging products are easy to customise with your own unique branding.