By Aimee Chanthadavong

FiveO has launched the FiveO App, a mobile retail platform that has been designed to help retailers increase sales and build customer loyalty through Facebook and the mobile market.

Available on Apple and Android devices, the FiveO App will connect retailers with consumers through discounts in exchange for ‘liking’ their store on Facebook using their smartphone.

A retailer will offer a minimum discount of 5 per cent to consumers, who will be able to see a list of stores in the area they are in, ‘like’ and ‘check-in’ to the store on Facebook via the App and receive the discount. 

FiveO CEO Matt Versi said the app will help bridge the dividing gap between online and bricks and mortar retailing.

Other benefits include, it provides an ongoing communication channel via Facebook between stores and their customers and the app allows businesses to convert foot traffic to Facebook fans as FiveO users will be driven to their store through their listing on the app

The inspiration for the app was drawn from an idea of exchanging likes for discounts when FiveO founder Chris Baxter walked through Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall.

“Chris saw a "Like US On Facebook" sign at his favourite clothes store – Zara. While a fan of Zara, there was no actual benefit of Chris getting out his mobile phone and liking its Facebook page,” Versi said.

“Although receiving a discount of useful information about his favourite store in exchange was appealing. Chris' thought was… ‘if they gave me a discount for doing it I probably would get my phone out’.”

The App has already attracted the support of more than 1000 stores across Sydney along with a host of cafes, bars and restaurants, including Payless Shoes, Sugar Fix, RM Williams, La Senza and Chicabooti.

With the successful launch of the FiveO App in Sydney, the company is now setting its sights on a rapid Australia-wide rollout.

“We expect to notch up our 2000th Sydney store in coming weeks, before expanding nationwide,” Versi said. 

The App will be available on a free three month trial for retail stores, before a monthly fee of $19 per store applies. Stores will be in full control of the discounts they provide.