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A new global study by Mood Media has revealed that Australians made 90 million more trips to physical stores in 2015/16 than the year prior, a result which will surely be welcomed by local retailers.

Australia is seeing a resurgence in visits to bricks-and-mortar stores, with over 70 per cent of under 45s saying they would like to receive redeemable promotions on their mobile device whilst in store, 86 per cent of all surveyed believe music makes the shopping experience more enjoyable, and 64 per cent of millennials (25-34 year olds) would rather shop in-store than online if the right mood or atmosphere is created.

“Consumers―particularly younger consumers―aren’t just buying a product when in-store; they’re buying an experience and their expectations for a positive, emotionally engaging experience are quite high,” said Steve Hughes, managing director of Mood Media Australia.

“Shopping as a form of entertainment remains important to consumers. The tangible, tactile nature of bricks-and-mortar is still viewed as a very real advantage, as is the desire for instant gratification.

“Those businesses who deliver an elevated customer experience witness greater repeat visits, a greater number of recommendations and longer in-store dwell times.”

According to the State of Brick & Mortar 2017 report consumers ‘greatly value the tactile nature of offline shopping’ with 78 per cent of global consumers (76 per cent in Australia) citing the ability to touch, feel and try products as their number one reason for shopping in bricks-and-mortar stores.

“With modern technology taking over our everyday lives, consumers are craving sensorial experiences and still highly value the stimulation provided by seeing, hearing, touching or smelling, in stores,” said Hughes.

Music seems to be the cure for in-store frustrations with eight out of 10 people globally finding waiting times to be less dull when music is playing and 80 per cent says music makes their shopping experience more enjoyable and lifts their mood.

Australians describe feeling particularly happy when their favourite tunes are played (49 per cent). When music is partnered with visuals and scent to create a bespoke in-store atmosphere, 64 per cent of Australian consumers say they’re more likely to ‘revisit’, and 54 per cent say they’re more likely to ‘recommend the place to others’.

The study also reveals that almost three quarters of 25-34 year old Australians would like the opportunity to influence the music played in-store. In fact, Australia is the top country overall wanting to be able to influence the music playing in-store (49 per cent vs 41 per cent).

“We’ve seen the benefit of giving consumers the opportunity to influence the music played within the retail space through our ‘Social Mix’ innovation,” said Linda Ralph, VP business development international at Mood Media.

“This technology gives customers the ability to vote for the songs they would like to be played in-store while they are shopping, which has seen an increase in the amount of time consumers spend in-store.”

Overall, the research shows consumers are influenced by the sensory experiences when shopping, giving bricks-and-mortar retailers a powerful tool to keep customers in store.

This story originally appeared on Giftguide.


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