music in store


A new platform is aiming to make it easier for retailers to find their in-store sound, with tailor-made apps powered by music streaming service Spotify.

POSmusic provides curated music and content marketing tools to help retailers create branded music apps they can share with their customers.

Harley Sedman, POSmusic CEO, said that the company is designed to encourage social sharing, with the more customers that share a brand’s sound, the more insights and data retailers will receive.

“Music builds advocacy in an authentic and meaningful way, particularly with millennials,” he said. “It’s an effective channel for retailers, especially when technology such as ours has advanced to the point where businesses can better track the return of investment in music as a marketing tool.”

To create a unique store feel, retailers can work with POSmusic’s team to identify a signature sound by choosing from a database of more than 40 million legally available songs.

The platform’s technology then refines the selection based on a store’s customer data and in-store staff feedback. It also monitors relevant music events and region-specific music trends, allowing for an ever-evolving sound.

As well as curating a retailer’s sound, POSmusic simplifies the process of obtaining the correct music licenses, by offering legitimate in-store music streaming and ensuring artists and publishers are properly remunerated.

“It’s currently very difficult for businesses to organise proper music licenses,” said Sedman. “There’s a lot of misinformation, complexity and fear mongering going on when it comes to music licensing, but POSmusic aims to add some clarity and certainty to the issue.”

Large retailers including Ben and Jerry’s, Reiss, and takeaway chain Schnitz have all worked with POSmusic, and Sedman said the platform will also benefit smaller businesses.

“Our clients get the right music for their business and access to a mix of branded digital content that’s relevant, easy to integrate with existing digital channels, and engages customers beyond a single interaction.

“The right music will grow your bottom line.”


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