By Aimee Chanthadavong

Creative Licence Digital has developed a new app that it claims is expected to help bricks and mortar retailers regain foot traffic back into their stores.

The mobile tool, QuickerFeet, allows retailers to direct highly targeted and instantaneous in-store deals to consumers who are in the geographic area of the store via the iPhone application.

Speaking to RetailBiz, Luke Rowan, Creative Licence Digital producer, said the idea originated after noticing in the media that a lot of bricks and mortar stores were struggling in this online age.

“We thought we’re specialist in the area of mobile technology and we thought we could leverage modern technology to help retailers drive people back to retail stores,” he said.

“In contrast, there are a lot of trends in mobiles and the web that is taking people out of the store so that was the main ration behind developing this app.

“If you look at the modern growth of iPhones and smart phones within Australia it’s growing exponentially and we believe it to be the most intimate and newest mobile platform and this gives retailers a device to market directly to consumers.”

Through QuickerFeet, consumers will have the ability to see what promotions are around them at that minute, browse by category and vendor, and even receive instant notifications based on their preferences.

”What makes it unique is that consumers can tailor the search criteria to display the deal that is of interest to them. If you’re into fashion, you can search via those criteria and include specific deals around you,” Rowan said.

“The benefits are really offering consumers a highly customisable tool where they can search deals that are of most interest to them. For retailers this means they can really drive a more targeted process when they putting their deals out.”

Targeted at the 18-34 year old market, QuickerFeet utilises the popularity of social media and mobile technology that allows consumers to share promotions with their friends and followers, resulting in promotions going viral.

The official launch of the app will be during May.