You are getting sleepy. You are getting VERY sleepy. You WILL buy more French wine, you will buy more imported cheese, you will buy more vegan leather shoes…

OneMusic Australia says altering the ‘voice’ of your store is one of the few inexpensive and easy-to-implement ways bricks and mortar retailers can help keep their business afloat or better still, thriving.

The ‘voice’ of your store can:

  1. Make you buy more red meat (loud music)
  2. Make you buy more veggies and health food (quiet music)
  3. Make you buy wine from Germany rather than France (music from the host country)
  4. Make you spend more on any type of wine (classical music)
  5. Make your customers accept higher ticket prices (jazz or classical music)
  6. Make your customers tolerate a crowded frenzy of a sale (fast music)
  7. Annoy your staff to the point they loose motivation a couple of hours into a shift (repeated songs or songs in the same style)

Who is OneMusic Australia and what do they know about music in retail?

OneMusic Australia is the body who issues licences (on behalf of music creators) to retailers, gyms, hotels, resorts, dance schools and every business in between to play music. Music licensing has been in Australia for almost 100 years.

Any retailer in Australia who has music playing needs permission to play that music. That permission is in the form of a music licence (just as you would need a liquor licence to serve liquor to customers, you need a music licence to serve music to customers).

You can obtain a OneMusic licence online and it is all based on a user-pays system. The music licence scheme for retailers provides seven options in a ‘shopping cart’ of music licence cover.  A retail business of less than 51 square metres of ‘customer space’ (not including back rooms) with just a radio or television on need only budget for $85 a year for OneMusic licence fees. If you think that an average store probably plays 1,000 tracks a week, that’s a lot of bang for your buck.

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