Multi-million dollar teeth whitening company HiSmile has built a world-famous empire capitalising on social media marketing and brand representation from celebrities.

Young entrepreneurs Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic built the international oral cosmetics company by utilising social media, investing more than $25 million in paid advertising across social platforms – including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

The investment has been a huge success for the company – who has to date received 900 million video views and made a profit of more than $100 million.

The pair has been so successful since launching in 2014 with just $20,000 in savings that they’ve appeared on the Young Rich list in 2017 – the youngest entrants to the awards to date. The duo have also featured in the Forbes Under 30 list in 2018 for their role in using digital platforms to leverage their business success.

The company sells a flagship LED tooth whitening kit for $79.95, as well as a number of toothpastes and a coconut oil mouthwash that were developed after years of analysing the industry for ancient remedies to remove tooth stains and promote oral hygiene.

The multimillion dollar company targets their aged 16-24 demographic by using social media influencers to promote their products on social media channels – with worldwide stars Conor McGregor and Kylie Jenner both paid hundreds of thousands to promote the products.

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McGregor promoting the HiSmile tooth whitening kit.

HiSmile Founder Nik Mirkovic said social media has an instrumental role in helping the company carve out their audience to curate content that was targeted.

“We decided to get very meticulous with our marketing approach by incorporating influencers in different regions to share their HiSmile experience, in doing this we were able to build brand transparency and trust with our customers fairly quickly,” said Mr Mirkovic.

“Social media has given the consumer a voice that has the potential to build or break a brand, we’ve found success in listening to that voice both good and bad; whether they are an existing customer or simply curious to learn more about the brand, we respond to everyone and take their feedback onboard to improve,” said Mr Mirkovic.

The brand now has a growing social media base of 2.6 million people and has shipped to 81 per cent of the world, with plans to become a global dental hygiene staple in every household.