With an influx of data from an increasing customer base, family-owned wine retailer, winedirect.com.au wanted to ensure it was marketing effectively to customers by creating hyper-personalised recommendations through automated campaigns.

As a result, winedirect.com.au leveraged its ongoing partnership with Dotdigital to integrate AI-driven product recommendations.

The campaign kicked off using ‘bestsellers’, ‘most viewed’, and ‘also bought’ product recommendations. The out-of-the-box recommendations made it possible for the brand to recommend the most relevant and personalised wine cases to the targeted audience.

The AI-powered product recommendations helped the company identify new and unique customer-product relationships. The team now uses a mix of non-personalised, personalised, and machine learning recommendations.

“Dotdigital product recommendations have allowed us to get through a few roadblocks that the team faced previously. We struggled to match complex product packages to customers, but that’s where AI has come into play,” winedirect.com.au chief digital officer, Adam Hollinshead said.

“The fact that we have access to an emerging technology that is proving its potential, is quite thrilling. It enables us to build many capabilities with very low effort and much higher returns.”

The team is also using the single customer view in Dotdigital to get a holistic view of customers across the entire buyer’s journey and re-target customers through socials and website.

“To be able to track and consolidate data from consumer behavior across channels has helped us retain cleaner data and hyper-segment it to gather better insights at a granular level. It also helps us re-engage the customers who haven’t shopped with us in a while,” Hollinshead added.

Since implementing product recommendation in November 2021, the brand has seen 8% revenue growth in online sales compared to the previous year. Product recommendations contributed 7% to overall company revenue, of which 6 % can be attributed to Dotdigital’s AI-powered best next recommendations. 

winedirect.com.au is currently working on creating a cross-channel journey with SMS and exploring how to use it best for one-on-one conversations.