As the Australian technology sector continues to evolve, resellers find themselves at the forefront of change, grappling with dynamic shifts that demand agility, foresight, and strategic innovation. According to Forrester, the Asia-Pacific region will see a 5.7 percent growth in technology spending over 2024 being the fastest growing market.

Two factors that will primarily contribute to this growth: Increased spending on software and IT services, including Generative AI (GenAI), cloud, security, and digital, and economic growth in Asia Pacific. It’s imperative for vendors and solution providers to recalibrate their strategies to stay competitive and relevant in the current dynamic environment.

Channel partners are key to the growth of tech industry and account for 73.2 percent of the total IT market in 2024, with growth in the Asia Pacific expected (+7.4%) to rebound, driven by Mainland China and India’s continued expansion.

So, how can Australian resellers keep up with the changing dynamics? Here are 3 essential strategies that resellers can integrate to stay ahead of the curve.

Embracing digital transformation strategically

The journey towards digital transformation presents both a challenge and an opportunity for resellers. Given how fast solutions are evolving and what they are capable of, many struggle with the complexity and pace of this transition. It is no surprise that AI is the most discussed topic among IT leaders.

AI feels like a very different game from all other breakout technologies of recent decades, such as cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile. AI is not just about implementing a new tool or application for efficiency; it’s also about analysing the impact it may have on the entire organisation. The fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of the consequences make AI adoption a much more complex and thought-provoking challenge than most previous technology breakthroughs.

But by prioritising technologies like AI, resellers can help businesses optimise network operations, enhance customer service, and proactively solve problems. From AI-driven network optimisation to initiative-taking customer service solutions, there are a host of opportunities for resellers to create value in this evolving landscape.

Invest in continuous learning and development

One of the most pressing challenges the resellers face is the significant gap in understanding and implementing new technological capabilities. To bridge this, a commitment to continuous learning and development is paramount. By investing in tailored training programs for various roles within the organisation, resellers can empower their teams to stay updated with the latest advancements.

Collaborating with technology providers for specialised training sessions and certifications can further augment these efforts and ensure that resellers are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to drive sales and deliver exceptional customer service. In a tech-savvy world, knowledge is power.

Personalisation is key

In an era of mass customisation, one-size-fits-all solutions no longer suffice. Today customers demand personalised experiences tailored to their unique needs and preferences. Resellers can rise to this challenge by leveraging data analytics and customer insights to offer tailored solutions that address specific pain points and challenges.

By adopting a consultative sales approach and focusing on understanding each customer’s individual needs, resellers can build stronger relationships and drive greater value. Through tools and methodologies for gathering and analysing customer data, resellers can unlock new opportunities for customisation and differentiation, cementing their position as trusted advisors.

While the urgency is obvious, it’s important to proceed cautiously and avoid being left behind. Resellers don’t have to reinvent the wheel completely. Given the challenges that solution providers face everywhere, embracing a phased approach can pave the way to success. Start safe, scale up, and iterate quickly.

Dean Cunningham is senior director, partner sales & alliances for APAC at Juniper Networks.