Australian activewear brand, Ryderwear has experienced close to 50% growth in international conversion rates within just three months of partnering with leading direct-to-consumer cross-border ecommerce platform, Global-e.

Ryderwear partnered with Global-e to accelerate its global direct-to-consumer online business and launched its renewed international web stores in July 2022. Within just three months of launch, the brand has experienced a surge in traffic conversion rates in key markets including Ireland (181%), Germany (86%), Italy (83%), France (53%) and Canada (32%). 

Through Global-e’s end-to-end cross-border solutions, Ryderwear can now offer consumers an optimised online shopping experience tailored to each individual market. This includes presenting prices and accepting payments in over 100 currencies, over 150 local and alternative supported payment methods including e-wallets, BNPL and bank transfer options, a range of shipping methods at attractive rates and a transparent and easy returns process including pre-paid returns.

In addition, with Global-e, Ryderwear can now offer international consumers an optimal duty and tax solution and a guaranteed landed cost, in accordance with local regulations and market-best practices. This includes presenting a calculation of all local duties and taxes with real-time pre-payment option at checkout or presenting prices inclusive of these additional costs.

The brand is also able to fulfil orders from its multiple international hubs, through Global-e’s global operations footprint, making delivery more efficient for customers worldwide.

Ryderwear founder and CEO, David Lukic said, “We’re excited about our renewed international offering on the Ryderwear websites and to offer our customers a best-in-class online shopping experience that is positioned to meet our standards and their expectations.

“International is key in our brand’s growth strategy and with Global-e we’re now better positioned to capitalise on international demand, enhance and accelerate sales in our key international markets, expanding our footprint into new markets, and growing our global customer base.”

Global-e managing director for Asia Pacific Stewart Smith added, “We’re thrilled to have been chosen by Ryderwear to help it achieve its global online ambitions and support its direct-to-consumer online growth. By localising the customer journey and implementing an optimised cross-border offering, that is adjusted to local markets’ characteristics, as well as to the merchant’s business strategy and goals, savvy brands like Ryderwear can seek to drive international traffic conversions and sales worldwide, establishing new revenue streams and increasing brand loyalty and retention in the long-term.

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with the Ryderwear team to help further drive the brand’s global online success.”