Pinterest is helping advertisers connect more deeply with audiences with its ability to predict new habits and behaviors based on Pinner activity, which is becoming a more prominent value-add for advertisers.

Here are recent brand examples that show how Pinterest is partnering with brands to better understand consumer behavior and anticipate trends: 

Pinterest’s annual report, Pinterest Predicts, supported advertisers throughout the year with 80% of the trends revealed in the report continuing to increase throughout 2021*.

A number of brands created campaigns leveraging the trends and findings, including Dawn, which leveraged the rising trend ‘Bland is Banned’ and launched a trend package based on the spiced-up recipe spike. The result was 24% more efficient CPMs than the household benchmark**.

Pinterest is also seeing that it’s not only the first to discover new trends, it’s also where trends grow faster and last longer than anywhere else on the internet. On Pinterest, trends sustain 20% longer monthly growth than other platforms, which means brands and creators who feature these trends benefit from content with a longer lifespan***.

Pinterest Predicts is a valuable tool for marketers to examine what their consumers are thinking, and then turn these emerging trends into actionable campaigns and to reach Pinterest users at the moment of inspiration, according to Pinterest global head of business marketing, Jim Habig.

“We’re excited to announce that for the second year in a row, 80% of Pinterest’s predicted trends for 2021 have continued to climb throughout the year. Pinterest not only anticipates future trends, it’s also the platform where they emerge the fastest and the last longest.”

*Source: Pinterest, analysis of English language searches, global, July 2019-2020 vs. July 2020-June 2021. 

**Source Pinterest, internal analysis, August 2021.

***Source: Black Swan Data for Pinterest, trend analysis, US and UK, June 2021.