Looking to challenge the prices of traditional retailers, online jewellery retailer Ice has launched in Australia with Iceonline.com.au.

The online store sells more than 1,500 jewellery pieces including rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces with prices at least 50 per cent lower than traditional retailers. It also boasts its stones and jewellery are conflict-free.

The store is being launched by 22-year-old Nick Molmar who identified an opportunity and approached the U.S established retailer to launch the brand in Australia.

Molnar said he saw a gap in the Australian market at university when he started selling jewellery on eBay.

“I was shocked none of the big retail chains here were operating in this space so decided to challenge them,” he said.

He also said Australians will now able to enjoy the same style and prices as Americans with local customer service. “The ability to team up with the largest online jewellery retailer in the US allows us to supply Australian consumers with fantastic product at prices they should be paying.”