Online retailer The DOM (Digital Outlet Mall) has now completed its full launch, having started with its soft launch in mid-August.

Since then, the online mall has added an additional 50 brands, bringing the number to 150.

Targeting the ‘lack of integrity in the outlet mall space’ The DOM co-founder and CEO, Justin Seskin tells RetailBiz, “The lack of integrity is most prominent amongst online outlet operators, where the focus is on moving product as fast as possible, with little regard for the brand.

“We recently did a research piece on our target audience in which outlet experiences were mostly described as “cluttered”, “messy”, “stressful” and “chaotic”.”

According to Seskin, those kinds of experiences damage brands.

“The DOM helps brands sell off-price product in a way that doesn’t damage the brand, but builds it,” Seskin says.

But what actually sets it apart?

Sesksin says they separate complementary brands into “precincts”, like those found in well curated shopping centres, which cuts down on ‘scroll fatigue’.

“Through the unique precinct approach, The DOM helps customers reduce scroll fatigue by only presenting them with products and brands that are relevant to them. For brands, the precinct approach will ensure they are only sitting next to complementary and relevant brands.”

Seskins says building the site like this will allow them to move into additional categories without diluting the existing offer, highlighting home and living, kids, sports, and electronics. Built on the Marketplacer platform, Seskin says, “Brands maintain full control of how they are presented on The DOM; pricing, fulfilment, shipping/return propositions, imagery, descriptions, and inventory are all controlled by the brand.”