Australia’s original leak-proof apparel brand, Modibodi has debuted its highly anticipated activewear product, the Recycled 7/8 Leggings.  

The leak-proof leggings are designed with planet friendly, moisture-wicking material crafted from 79% recycled nylon from pre-consumer waste. The innovative floating absorbent gusset is invisible from the outside and provides protection from periods and incontinence.

Modibodi has partnered with high-profile athletes and body positive Australian personalities as part of this active launch, including Olympian Jana Pittman, Hookeyroo Greta Hayes, Australian feminist writer Clementine Ford, and TV/radio presenter, Ash London. 

Modibodi has also designed its own workout sequences and playlists for people at all stages of their period. The exercise series, called Go With Your Flow, offers sequences leaning into the strengths and benefits of each stage:

  • Heavy Flow – perfect for the start of your period when you’re likely to feel more tired. This is the time to relax, unwind and recover. 
  • Medium Flow – ideal for when pain has subsided and you’re feeling a little more like yourself again. This is where weights and low-impact cardio can start to come in. 
  • Light Flow – designed for the end of your period when you’re basically back to full energy. This is the perfect time to reintroduce light HIIT workouts.