Melbourne entrepreneur and businessman Ruslan Kogan has slammed traditional bricks and mortar retailers for failing to innovate in the face of a changing marketplace.
"[The] collapse of supposed 'direct' bricks and mortar retailer DFO shows that traditional retailers which fail to innovate are doomed to fail,” said the owner of online consumer electronics store Kogan Technologies.
"Some archaic businesses are slowly realising that they can't operate like they did 20 years ago and still survive. We saw this when Bing Lee finally launched an online store.
"When Clive Peeters collapsed I said you would start seeing more and more bricks and mortar retailers falling into receivership. DFO's demise is just the tip of the iceberg.
"I am surprised the ACCC never called DFO up on using the term 'direct'. I think it may have been misleading and deceptive conduct. It is clear that customers can decide on their own accord what is direct and what isn't. The only real direct businesses out there are online," Kogan said.
Kogan Technologies is an online retailer of consumer electronics specialising in LCD and LED TVs, Blu-ray players, digital photo frames and digital video cameras.