Krispy Kreme Australia has teamed up with omnichannel customer engagement platform, Emarsys to improve digital engagement and presence with customers across Australia and New Zealand.

The partnership comes at a time where Krispy Kreme Australia’s current customer relationship management platform is at end of life and the brand was looking for a seamless migration to a new platform with validated and clean data. 

With Emarsys’ Ecommerce Solution, Krispy Kreme recognised the opportunity to maximise its data to better understand who their customers are, and their needs and behaviours when interacting with the brand.

In phase one of Emarsys’ Ecommerce Solution integration, Krispy Kreme will strengthen its ecommerce channel by streamlining data captured in one platform. This unified source of consumer data will enable the brand to set baseline metrics to track and report behaviours, thereby giving them insight into understanding true revenue projections and opportunities. Krispy Kreme will have a scalable customer relationship management tool that will support data segmentation to build rewarding customer journeys. 

“We are excited to be working with Emarsys on the next growth phase for Krispy Kreme. Focusing on our ecommerce channel, we are looking to build strong capabilities in data analytics to help us create more meaningful and memorable experiences for our customers,” Krispy Kreme Australia marketing director, Olivia Sutherland said.

“We know our customers love sharing our doughnuts with friends and family, whether it’s a formal occasion such as a wedding, birthday or baby shower, or a more relaxed backyard barbecue, we want to tailor products, offerings and delivery programs to better meet their needs.”

Emarsys regional vice president for Asia Pacific and Japan, Kristyn Wallace added, “While our partnership with Krispy Kreme is new, Emarsys’ integration into the brand’s marketing processes has been seamless. Our solutions are offered in phases, so brands get the most out of their marketing efforts. By unifying their data across all ecommerce channels, Krispy Kreme will be able to analyse the insights gained to strengthen their integrated communications strategy as next steps.

“Retailers have to listen to their customers’ wants and needs, and with the future being digital, a brand’s online presence needs to reflect their bricks and mortar stores. Having data analytic insights into who their customers are and how they shop is pivotal in understanding what marketers need to provide them as a brand.”