Half of Australian consumers (50%) research a product or service online prior to making a purchase, but over 50% also purchase something online each week, according to new data from social media management leader, Hootsuite and socially led creative agency, We Are Social.

The new report highlights weekly online shopping activities, which social media platforms drive the most amount of traffic to websites, and the target audiences that can be reached online.

Almost three in 10 (28.7%) of people order groceries via an online store each week and 14.9% buy a second-hand item via an online store every week. Close to one in five (17.6%) use buy now pay later services and more than two-thirds (37.4%) look at consumer reviews, while 31.3% discover new brands, products and services via search engines.

Facebook dominates web traffic referrals at 73.4%, followed by Twitter at 7.22% and Instagram which generates 6.19% of web traffic click throughs.

Marketers are able to attract more than two billion people globally via Facebook ads – almost half of the entire internet (42.8%) – while 2.5 billion people can be reached via YouTube ads. More than 1.45 billion people can be reached via Instagram and 970 million can be reached via TikTok.