On-demand circular fashion marketplace, Simple Chic is leading the way in serving an untapped market of women, who are often excluded from fashion brands due to size and design limitations, with ethical and circular fashion choices even more scarce.

Simple Chic designs women’s fashion with inclusion, natural fabrics, local makers, and an array of styles at the forefront to support the regeneration and restoration of the planet. The platform connects women with independent designers and artisan makers to ensure all women can create, repurpose, alter, and repair what they seek.

Unlike many fashion labels, Simple Chic brings together body inclusion, design choice, and circular fashion together, rather than making them mutually exclusive.

For a more immersive experience, the Simple Chic My Design digital fashion platform enables women to co-create their own designs, which are made by local manufacturing partner and social enterprise, Mantua Sewing Studio, which employs and draws on the sewing expertise of women from refugee and migrant backgrounds living in Australia.

“As local and global citizens, we believe we have a duty of care through our business model to eliminate fashion’s impacts on textile waste, microplastics, and women’s issues,” Simple Chic Women founder and CEO, Mira Mikosic said.

Simple Chic is now inviting expressions of interest to raise investments funds and support business growth plans through equity crowdfunding platform, Birchal.

With starting investments from $100 to $10,000 for everyday retail investors, parties can register their interest by 25 October 2021.