Emarsys has updated its omnichannel customer engagement platform with the introduction of 26 new features, designed to drive real-time channel-agnostic personalisation, while fostering customer loyalty and delivering measurable business outcomes faster than ever before.

Among the updates is revenue attribution analysis, which helps chief marketing officers (CMOs) assess which digital campaigns are achieving the best return on investment (ROI) with the ability to track the impact of digital campaigns and digital ads against KPIs in physical stores as well as online stores.

The update builds upon Emarsys’s artificial intelligence (AI) analytics and value measurement features, while enabling digital marketers to launch an entire loyalty offering with artificial intelligence including automatic scoring of customer groups, recommendations of tiers and pre-built marketing campaign templates to encourage repeat purchases and increase customer lifetime value.

The update also allows marketers to react to Shopify events in real time, bringing together ecommerce order fulfillment, customer engagement automations and post-purchase marketing across all channels and devices.

The Emarsys’s platform helps customers connect offline and online commerce, driving footfall back to physical stores as lockdown restrictions begin to lift. The launch of the store dashboard enables digital teams to measure the impact of Facebook ads, Google ads, email, direct mail and SMS campaigns against stores sales, while assessing the impact on average order value and items per order at a product level — a world first within a digital marketing platform as a standard feature.

Emarsys chief product officer, Omer Sharon said, “Incorporating 26 new features, our update is designed to bring people, data and marketing closer together. We believe that people are strongest when they work together, that marketing is strongest when it’s unified across all channels, and that data is strongest when it’s accessible via a single platform. These are the principles that inspired our overhaul of the Emarsys platform.

“By making it easier for marketing teams to understand customer data, collaborate with their organisations and conduct effective omnichannel campaigns, the new Emarsys platform helps drive real business outcomes, proving the value of marketing during this difficult time.”