With several retail stores now closed and purchases shifting online, Click Frenzy is offering every Australian retailer a $1,000 voucher to advertise during their retail event, designed to give them a chance to benefit from Click Frenzy’s national reach to over 1.1 million online shoppers.

Click Frenzy Mayhem is set to kick off at 7pm AEST on Tuesday 19 May 2020 and give shoppers access to the best deals and exclusive offers from hundreds of retailers for a continuous 53 hours.

Using their $1,000 gift card, retailers will be granted two silver placements of their choice of two categories, pre-event promotion, limited licensing to use the Click Frenzy brand to promote to customers and brand page searchability across Click Frenzy.

“We recognise that our retail customers are hurting, as we all are, so we wanted to help businesses in the way we know best – driving a frenzy of online shopping their way. To give retailers every chance of success and survival, we want to open our platform to put more businesses in front of primed online shoppers,” Click Frenzy managing director, Grant Arnott said.

“We are anticipating we can support up to 1,000 retailers through this offer – that’s a million dollars in value being created. In 2019, the event broke new records and we are aiming to deliver an all-time high kick for retail in 2020.”

In addition to the Click Frenzy offer, Australian e-commerce insights provider, Power Retail, is offering an extended free trial of their full e-commerce intelligence platform, which provides unlimited access to online retail industry insights, more than half a billion online sessions and daily access to benchmark figures for revenue, marketing, traffic and more.