is launching a new site dedicated to New Zealand shoppers on 1 February 2010.
CatchOfTheDay (COTD) has built a contingent of over 360,000 followers in Australia so far.
"We plan to emulate this success story in NZ,” says COTD spokesperson and operations manager Gabby Leibovich.
“… We believe that our deals will be even more successful in NZ because of our strong buying power and great range of brands, some of which are not always available to NZ residents."  
The website lists just one product for sale per 24 hours, always at a very low price. Bang on midday every day, a new product is offered for sale at COTD. Each product is available for purchase for precisely 24 hours, unless sold out prior. Shoppers are given no advance notice about products coming up for sale. The fun and quirky site already has a dedicated following of hundreds of thousands of shoppers Australia-wide.
Leibovich says that COTD sells thousands of items per day and attributes its growing popularity of the website to its fun and incomparable deals and the staggering power of word of mouth.
"We source and feature a wide range of quality, ridiculously low-priced items, and we have fun doing it," says Leibovich.
"There is always something for everyone at COTD – young or old, male or female, no matter who you are you can snatch up a bargain, have a laugh and enjoy a unique online shopping opportunity every single day of the year."
Items range from manchester, electronic items, toys and home wares, to appliances, laptops and IT stuff. The site also sells clothing, gadgets, cosmetics, camping and sports gear.
Leibovich says that the COTD crew of 35 have been working in the retail and online industries for decades and we are well connected as a result.
“We are consistently able to source close-out or clearance lines from a range of suppliers, thereby offering our customers a terrific selection of daily bargains.