Books and DVDs are the most popular items purchased online, closely followed by technology products according to research conducted by comparison shopping site
The research also found the majority of respondents retained their online shopping activity in 2010 with 59 per cent having shopped online as much as they did in 2009.
When online shopping, most (48 per cent) of the respondents spend up to $200. Just over a quarter (27 per cent) claimed they spend between $201 and $500.
The ability to compare prices was chosen as the most helpful service (90 per cent) on a shopping website, followed by product reviews (75 per cent) and special offers (75 per cent).
Mobile phones, laptops and TVs are the top three products respondents plan on purchasing in the next three months as online was chosen above factory outlets and discount stores as the place to find the best bargains.
Matthew Rigney, commercial director at said that the results showed a strong market for online shoppers and retailers.
“The growth that the online shopping industry experienced through the global financial crisis in 2009 has been retained in 2010. This is great news for retailers and consumers alike,” he said.
“Retailers are enjoying increased audiences purchasing their products online, with the majority of online shoppers spending up to $500.
“Consumers are benefiting from lower prices online as competition increases amongst retailers. This was demonstrated by the finding that the ability to compare prices was the most helpful service on a shopping website.”
Rigney also said that in the thick of the winter season, shoppers are going online to find activities to do indoors.
“According to the survey, books and DVDs were the most popular items purchased online followed by technology products. This could be attributed to the winter season and consumers wanting to enjoy activities indoors like reading and watching movies, rather than braving the cold at a bar or club.
“When it came to purchasing intent, technology items proved to be popular purchases with mobile phones, laptops and TVs the top three products respondents are planning to purchase in the next three months.
“The popularity of technology is definitely driven by new trends such as 3DTV and the Apple iPad. GetPrice has seen significant increases in search queries for these items of 55 per cent and 470 per cent respectively month-on-month,” he added.