Betta Home Living is strengthening its online presence with the launch of the ‘Betta Food and Lifestyle Channel, with Matthew Hayden’.

‘Betta Food and Lifestyle Channel, with Matthew Hayden’ will feature on Betta’s website in three different sections: ‘Betta Cooking With Matthew Hayden’, a cooking show that will be served as fortnightly webisodes; ‘Betta Moments with Matt’ that will provide rare insight into Hayden’s favourite and personal moments in his career and family; and ‘Betta Product Guides with Matthew Hayden’ where Hayden will review 12 different Betta products.

Betta Home Living’s CEO Graeme Cunningham said as many traditional retailers face face increasing consumer indifference and the onslaught of online-only retailers, Betta is innovating the way it connects with its customers.

“Offering a great product at a great price with great service – offline or online – isn’t a point of difference any more. We always need to develop more compelling ways for our customers to connect with us,” he said.

“One of those compelling ways Betta Home Living will further connect with its customers is with its new online portal ‘Betta Food and Lifestyle Channel, with Matthew Hayden’.

“To date, Matt has appeared in our brand TV ads, radio ads, and catalogues. We are about to deepen our partnership even more.”

The company also believes its strong online offering will help drive traffic back to its physical stores.