Beverage manufacturer Barfresh Beverage Systems has signed an agreement with Jesters Pies to provide freshly made low-fat smoothies in over 60 outlets across New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia.

With customers more time poor than ever before, Jesters has now teamed up with Barfresh to provide a convenient, healthy smoothie alternative with a product that doesn’t keep customers waiting.

“We were looking to add a smoothie product to our menu and satisfy our customers that were looking for healthier alternatives,” says Dominic Panetta, national marketing manager, Jesters Pies.

“Barfresh offers a quality product like no other smoothie product on the market, which allows our stores to deliver juice bar quality smoothies. The operational process for these smoothies is seamless and so far has been well received by our customers.

“From a franchisor’s perspective we always seek to ensure product consistency and easy to prepare high quality products. Barfresh ticks these boxes for Jesters with their portion controlled smoothies packs,” says Panetta.

Essentially, Barfresh provides franchisors with an ability to offer its customers an in-house juice bar product for zero start-up cost. Barfresh provides a total smoothie solution, training for company and franchise staff and blenders free on loan.   This allows for a high uptake of the product across groups such as the Jesters retail chain.

“Barfresh allows franchisees to provide juice bar quality products to their customers in a quick, easy and profitable way. I’m very pleased to be working with Jesters by providing product that helps satisfy customer demands and grow their customer base,” says Riccardo Delle Coste, managing director, Barfresh Beverage Systems.

Barfresh has developed an innovative method to make its Smoo Smoothies using individually packaged and pre-portioned ingredients including real fruit pieces, low fat yogurt or sorbet and ice cubes. Using a single Smoo pack and Smoo juice, a freshly made smoothie takes less than a minute to make and serve. 

“Customers want to know what they’re buying, by listing the ingredients of the smoothie on the Jesters menu, customers can see they are getting quality, real fruit pieces and not an inferior syrup or powder-based smoothie which offers little nutritional value like some of the other chains offer,” says Delle Coste.