Rakuten Marketing has released data revealing the behavioural trends of online shoppers in Australia. 

Online retailers use Rakuten Marketing to reach online shoppers through non-direct websites, such as blogs, shopping sites, deals and loyalty programs. The marketing company reveals that shopping and comparison sites are driving the most purchases online, and deals and offer sites are the next most effective at driving sales volume.

Rakuten Marketing’s data illustrates that Australians are developing a strong adoption of shopping sites, such as ShopStyle and Shop Til You Drop. Sites within this category are driving close to three-quarters of luxury purchases, and nearly half of fashion sales through the network. Furthermore, ShopStyle is exhibiting significant average order value growth well above industry standards.

Shoppers purchasing luxury items typically spend $250 – $300 per order and buy more when using a desktop versus other devices. In the fashion sector, where an online basket is generally up to $150, purchases made from mobile devices have the highest value. Innovative Apps like Stashd and StyleMatch are further encouraging people to buy while on the move. However, fashion purchases convert from browsing to buying on PCs and tablets more often than on mobile. 

Over 70% of all online purchases are made on a PC, however, shopping on tablets is growing in popularity, contributing 16% of sales and being the device of choice for beauty purchases. Tablets are also the highest converting device across all verticals. 

Comparison and offers sites, such as Finder.com.au and The Bargain Avenue, are the next most popular sites within the network, driving three-quarters of electronic sales, a third of fashion sales and 13% of luxury sales. Interestingly, Rakuten Marketing has found electronics tend to be the highest converting vertical for consumers shopping on mobile. 

Loyalty programs such as Velocity eStore, and reward sites such as Pricepal and Reward Gateway are also growing in popularity with Australian shoppers and demonstrating a high conversion rate within the fashion sector at 11%. 

Anthony Capano, Australian Managing Director at Rakuten Marketing, commented: “We know that online shoppers rarely make a beeline for a specific item sold by a specific retailer. They want to compare and contrast, get inspiration, make wish lists and hunt for good value. Using a network of partnerships to make sure your brand appears in all the right places will enable you to reach this engaged, informed shopper.”

Capano continued: “Seeing what channels are driving value online allows retailers to learn more about their shoppers and provide them with the right content, at the right time.”

Source: Rakuten marketing media release