POPAI’s general manager Karen Spear will be moving on from the association at end of May 2013, after accepting a new position within the industry.

“We are sorry to see Karen go, but we are so pleased for the exciting opportunity that exists for her in her new role,” POPAI chairman Debbie Schubert said.

“Karen has been instrumental in the development of POPAI over the past five years and under her guidance the organisation has gone from strength to strength. In addition to introducing a number of new initiatives for the industry from education and professional development to research and new events, Karen was also a key driving force behind POPAI’s expansion into shopper marketing.”

Spear commented that the decision to leave POPAI had been a difficult one but that she felt the association was in a positive place and has a bright future ahead.

“As my new role is within the Shopper Marketing industry, I will continue to be involved with POPAI and the membership and am looking forward to benefiting from all the great programmes that are planned for the coming year” she said.

The Board of Directors are taking expressions of interest for Karen’s replacement and interested parties should contact: general manager Karen Galasso or senior consultant Justine Fenyes on 02 8222 6200 or www.tenthhouse.com.au.

UPDATE: Spear has been appointed as director of Shopper Marketing at The Zoo Republic.

David Lo, CEO of The Zoo Republic says, “All our business partners in FMCG and retail are increasing their spend in this area. The addition of Karen to
champion shopper is in direct response to the significant shifts in spend that we are seeing in the market. Karen is one of the key players driving the
shopper marketing discipline forward within the Australian marketing landscape. It is exactly what the agency needs to bolster our rapidly expanding offering in this area.”