In 2018, Malcolm started his first Poolwerx franchise in Sydney’s Kilara with four service vehicles and $1.5 million in turnover. Over the past four years, he has grown his network to four retail stores, 15 service vehicles and achieved over $5 million in FY21/22 – one of the first Poolwerx franchise to ever achieve this revenue success. 

Malcolm’s entrepreneurial corporate background aligned with the new type of franchise partner profile Poolwerx is attracting – innovation-led with the drive and business acumen to quickly build a substantial business.

Malcolm has worked closely with Poolwerx to create a scalable business and set a benchmark for multi-unit franchise partners, not only within Poolwerx but the broader franchise industry. A testament to Malcolm’s success is his range of industry awards from SPASA and FCA, as well as prestigious internal recognition at Poolwerx. He is also a member of a number of committees including chair of the Poolwerx Advisory Committee.

Subverting the status quo, Malcolm took chances on retail locations, taking over independent stores in locations that would complement his existing footprint. His stores have set a new standard for retail store formatting, combining large retail spaces with warehouse and workshop facilities to better display technology, seamlessly conduct water tests and store extensive chemicals. The innovative retail concept pioneered for his third site (Greenfield) enabled the business to grow 100% to 150% every month over its first 12 months and made the retail store profitable as a standalone within 18 months. 

Like most small businesses owners, Malcolm had to navigate the obstacles caused by the pandemic. He worked closely with the Poolwerx support office to develop a Covid-safe chemical click and collect package to help clients carry out pool maintenance while in lockdown. His significant pre-season planning at the end of 2021 saw him carry twice as much inventory as the past 12 months but saved his franchises during the Omicron wave when the pool industry supply chain crumbled and delivered significant widespread stock outages.

Malcolm aims to become the industry leader in satisfaction, employing new creative ideas to better service customers, often leveraging strong supplier relationships to provide support in non-traditional ways.