Labor again calls on the Government to examine whether the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has sufficient powers and resources to prevent worker exploitation, following revelations that Pizza Hut is underpaying wages to its delivery drivers. 

 It has been reported that Pizza Hut franchisees are using sham contracts and seriously underpaying its delivery drivers who are earning only $12 an hour, well below the minimum wage, and not receiving super or WorkCover. Drivers are expected to use their own car with fuel expenses coming out of their own pockets. 

If a growing number of companies won’t take responsibility for the underpayment of wages of people working in their stores, and for sham contracting in their supply chain, then there is something is seriously wrong with our enforcement capabilities. 

 The allegations at Pizza Hut are in addition to other high profile cases involving 7-Eleven, Myer, and Baiada.

 Labor is concerned about inaction in relation to the clear and widespread exploitation of workers in Australia and is calling on the Government to strengthen the powers and resources of the Fair Work Ombudsman.

 Labor is examining whether the power and resources of our regulators are adequate. We are developing policies that will support local jobs, eliminate the exploitation of workers – whether they are Australians or visitors on temporary work visas – and protect the wages and conditions of all workers in Australia. 

 The Abbott-Turnbull Government can't be trusted to act on exploitation of workers and protect Australian jobs.