Parenthood360 has a new hourly childminding service at Stockland Shopping Centre in Sydney’s Balgowlah, enabling parents to get ‘me time’ to relax, unwind and explore the centre.

The Hood Crèche is open to children aged from six months to five years old with the service costing $20 for the first hour, then $15 each additional hour to a maximum of three hours, with discounts available for multiple children.

The Hood Crèche is open 10am to 2pm on weekdays with weekend sessions from 10am to 2pm and date-night sessions from 4pm to 8pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, subject to booking requests and are flexible based on demand.

ParentHood360 founder, Amber Chapman is excited to showcase the Hood Crèche, which not only offers the convenience of hourly childminding, but also enables parents to support local retailers through the suite of exclusive offers, called ‘Crèche Credits’ made available to them, including discounts off groceries, coffee, lunch, books, nails and spa services.

“I wanted to create an engaging space for kids, whilst also providing an option to support parents to enjoy guilt free moments to relax, indulge in some time to themselves and connect with local brands in their Hood,” Chapman said.

“For most of us, parenthood is a constant juggling act and finding time for yourself is often rare. The Hood Crèche is an opportunity to put all that aside and take some time in centre to unwind and reset, whilst your little ones play in a fully supervised environment.”

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