Ian Wong is the associate partner of IBM Global Businesses Services Research who will review the results uncovered by a recent IBM study that looked at how the power has shifted from the retailer to consumer.

RB: Briefly (in one or two points) explain what you'll be speaking about at the Conference?
IW: I will be discussing how accelerating consumer technology adoption is fundamentally changing the way that consumers shop and engage with retailers.  I will then discuss the enterprise capabilities that retailers need to develop in order to win over the empowered consumer.

RB: Why do you believe this/these topic(s) are important and relevant to retailers?
IW: As the retail industry undergoes structural change in Australia, retailers need to transform their organisations to address the changes driven by the empowered consumer.  Retailers that are successful in this transformation will survive and flourish.

RB: Can you provide comment about the current state of the Australian retail sector and ONE tip you'd give to retailers.

IW: We are undergoing a fundamental industry transformation in Australia centered around the empowered consumer.  Retailers must embark on transformation themselves from merchandise centric to customer centric organisations.

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